Strand Woven Bamboo

Simply the Best Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring in Melbourne

strand woven bamboo flooring

Turn to us to ensure the very best quality when you are looking to upgrade your living or work space. When building or renovating your Melbourne home or office, choose our premium strand woven bamboo floors for a professional look that’s a cinch to maintain. With minimal work, you can have the look and feel of much higher-maintenance products to freshen up your room. With a range of styles, from a more homely feel to products that will lift your more classic, professional office space, you will find the right woven bamboo fit for you!

Innovatively made from heat and pressure processed bamboo material, we manufacture and install these premium floors that adhere to the highest Australian flooring standards. This particular option provides a more durable surface than natural vertical and horizontal choices out there on offer, with a janka hardness ranking of 16.1. Available for domestic and commercial purposes and at a wonderfully affordable price.

Competitive strand woven bamboo flooring price for our Melbourne clients

By choosing this option for your Melbourne home, you will benefit from:

  • An eco-friendly and sustainable flooring solution that will deliver a waste free production method
  • Superior durability, with all flooring products backed by a comprehensive 25 year guaranteed warranty
  • Flooring installation from an expert team with international ISO9002 quality certifications

Would you like to find out more about our strand woven products?

With such a wide range of different colour and material options for you to choose from and at such a competitive price, you will no doubt find the perfect solution for your needs. We are proud to provide everything from DIY kitchen flat packs to engineered bamboo floors and a whole lot more, you have come to the right place. For more information on any floor and installation for your home in Melbourne, contact KLD now on (03) 9562 6038, or receive a free quote online!

Choose our strand woven bamboo floors for a durable and efficient solution and give your home or office space a flash new look!

See our wide range of bamboo flooring styles below:

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SWB-CARBONISED 1.99104 1830x136x14 Wov-bamboo Domestic/commercial
SWB-ACAJOU 1.99104 1830x136x14 Wov-bamboo Domestic/commercial
SWB-DISTRESS BROWN 1.99104 1830x136x14 Wov-bamboo Domestic/commercial
SWB-NATURAL 1.99104 1830x136x14 Wov-bamboo Domestic/commercial
SWB-BLACK STREAK 1.99104 1830x136x14 Wov-bamboo Domestic/commercial
SWB-GARY 1.99104 1830x136x14 Wov-bamboo Domestic/commercial
SWB-BLACK BUTT 1.99104 1830x136x14 Wov-bamboo Domestic/commercial
SWB-WHITE SAND 1.99104 1830x136x14 Wov-bamboo Domestic/commercial